World Championship 2024
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WCFF & WMAC World Championship — 2024
1)   DATE: 19.09 – 22.09.2024
2)   PLACE: “CITY SPORTS HALL”, Manesova 4980, 43001 Chomutov, Czech Republik.
3)   PROMOTER: Harald Folladori & Volodymyr Radionov 
4)   ORGANIZERS: World Martial Arts Committee (WMAC) & …

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An open appeal
to the ambassador of Ukraine in Switzerland

The Ukrainian State and the entire Ukrainian people are severely and fatally suffering
from the Russian aggressor-terrorist during the Ukraine-Russia war, which began in 2014
with the seizure of the sovereign territories of Ukraine: the Autonomous Republic of
Crimea, Donetsk, Luhansk regions, and acquired signs of the full-scale destruction of the
Ukrainian nation and of Ukraine as such February 24, 2022
Social and humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians who, as a result of the war, found
themselves in a difficult situation and were forced to leave their homes, is provided for the
purpose of preserving national cultural, ethnic, and customary traditions of life and
construction, and for the purpose of integration into the life of the community abroad.
In order to support the physical and moral condition of Ukrainians abroad, the IPO
«WORLD COSSACK FIGHT FEDERATION» opens the «UA-DO» martial arts school
in the cities where Ukrainians live compactly.
«UA-DO» is a modern applied sports practice aimed at supporting and developing a
person’s physical and spiritual strength. The practice is based on traditional, ancient
exercises of «COSSACK CHARACTERISTICS» and the National Martial Art
«COSSACK FIGHT». The training system also includes basic elements of the martial arts
of Asia, China, Tibet, North America, and Africa.
Physical, breathing, and game exercises have a conceptual finished form of the new
school — «UA-DO», which is an original system of «KNOWLEDGE» with elements of
self-defense and avoiding harm, and methods of training children and adults to protect
themselves and others.
In addition to practical application, «UA-DO» has a cultural, educational, and
humanitarian component, and is implemented to protect and support the Ukrainian ethnic
group, consolidate pro-Ukrainian forces abroad, and create a positive image of a true
«Ukrainian patriot», which, regardless of location, with all his actions and initiatives brings
victory over the invaders of the Ukrainian land and the enemies of the Ukrainian nation
The nature of relations in the «UA-DO» community is fraternal. The attitude towards
masters is respectful. There are no age or gender restrictions for entering school and
starting classes. Only love and respect for UKRAINE are mandatory.
We appeal to the Embassy of Ukraine in Switzerland with a request to support the
opening and development of branches of the «UA-DO» school in the cities, cantons,
communities of Switzerland, for the implementation of our extremely important cause.

With respect and gratitude,
President of the IPO «WORLD COSSACK

Vice-president of the IPO «UKRAINIAN SPORTS
Volodymyr VOLKOV


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